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Alana Soares, POTM, March 1983

A stunning image of Alana Soares
Alana Soares in see-thru panties
Alana Soares has a naked picnic
Legs akimbo, we present Alana Soares
Alana Soares, naked breasts and thigh-length boots
Alana Soares adjusting her stocking
Alana in lingerie, posed for your pleasure
Alana Soares gets a handful
Alana Soares naked on a river
Alana Soares
Alana Soares, Playboy Bloopers
Alana and Leilani Soares bathing
Alana and Leilani Soares reading
Alana Soares underneath the apple tree
Ms Soares gets a leg up
Alana Soares looking just incredible
Close up of Alana
Alana and Leilani in the suds
Alana Soares has great natural beauty
Alana Soares

Alana Soares: Bio

The gorgeous Alana Soares was 5' 2", born in Redondo Beach, California and was Playboy's POTM, March 1983. Her father was Hawaiian-Japanese, while her mother was Spanish-Irish. She is the older sister of Leilani Soares.

She appeared in the following Playboy Special Editions:

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